"No one will dare say to me 'eat in the kitchen' then. Besides, they'll see just how beautiful I am, and be ashamed..." ~ L. Hughes


Hello, Hi! :) Here's a short video showing you how to go through your wash day with little to no fuss, and absolutely no heat at all. This video helps to demonstrate to you how to use wash day products for

All these oils each have a benefit or property you’re looking for but can’t necessarily find in just one of them. It helps balance out different properties in the oils, and also gives you multiple benefits at once. We’re gonna

5 FACTS ABOUT THE POWER PLANT:   HAIR: MORINGA OIL 1. It contains IRON which brings oxygen to the roots and prevents hair loss 2. Contains ZINC which stimulates Hair Growth 3. Contains AMINO ACIDS which build strong, thick and healthy hair strands 4. Contains VITAMIN