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Masodi 101 – what do our products do?

Hello, Masodi Family!

We are absolutely thrilled to share this beauty journey with you, and know just how overwhelming options can be. Many of you ask the question: ‘I’m happy for the diverse set of products and the assurance of their delicacy on my hair and skin. But what do these oils and butters really do? How do I know I’m buying the right products

for my hair and skin needs?’ Well, worry no more because below is a very concise description of what each products does, and its benefits for you. Comment with your questions or feedback, and stay in touch!

Coconut Oil:

Deeply moisturises dry, brittle hair and prevents breakage. Consistent use results in

softer hair with minimal cuticles falling out. 100% organic coconut oil with no additives


Shea Butter:

Shea butter seals and locks moisture into the hair like no other. It is good for daily

use as a hair moisturiser, and fights scalp problems. Made of unrefined shea butter

and essential oils

Castor Oil:

For hair growth and unrelenting strength. Castor oil is also a saviour for receding

hairline, and excessively thin hair. It restores texture and curl profile like a wound.

100% pure castor oil with essential oils for a fresher than usual scent

African Black Soap Shampoo:

Sulfate-free and effectively cleans scalp, leaving the perfect environment

for follicle cells to grow healthy hair. Helps with hair loss, scalp eczema and

prevents itchy scalp.

Body Butter:

For intense moisture and a healthy glow. Suitable for sensitive skin and

tackles eczema. Made from unrefined Shea Butter and essential oils

Beard Oil:

For beard growth and health. Apply daily for maximum results. Delicate on

skin – no bumps. Made of 100% pure oils, and Vitamin E

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